Birthday Week

Yea hello,

First things first, when a little kid is walking and trips, he eats the dirt quite well! And we laugh at the poor dude and say “Sorry yea?” And then everything just magically gets better! Elder Edosomwan and I experienced this same scenario as we were riding bike back to the apartment. Where our bike man should’ve bobbed and another bike guy should’ve weaved but they both bobbed so this involved us in a nice little head on collision:) Do not freak out!!!!!! We were right next to a repair shop so the bike was able to get the fixin’ it needed. But yes, as people here like to make scenes when stuff like this happens, we got a lot of “sorry yea’s”? To us which just made me laugh aloud like lol! We had a good laugh about that! Because it was expected but I did not expect it!  Continue reading “Birthday Week”


Almost 19!

Ya hello!

This week was super fun! And very spiritual all in one. On Monday we were privileged to go in town to eat at a restaurant called Monroe Chicken which serves American food! I was pretty excited to get a double cheese burger with fries and a pizza! It was quite a joyful moment for Elder Arvig and I! We met there with 8 other Elders to enjoy the happiness that is there! But of course all things come to an end which is no problem, then comes to work!

We all had interviews with President Carlson this week which was awesome! This guy is amazing, he knows what he is doing in this mission field, and what he was called to do. After the interviews Elder Edosomwan and I were privileged to teach with President but do not worry! We taught our sister Musu (that I hope I told you people’s that she has always waved to us but we never stopped by to say hello personally) we were able to teach her about The Plan of Salvation. Will not lie, I thought President would have said something in the lesson but he and Sister Carlson were just quiet and very observant of what and how we taught (which was not imitating at all!) But we felt like it was a very strong lesson! 

The next day we swung by to see how the reading was coming, and she made me for the first time in mission tear up in the eyes because how amazingly she opened her heart to us and told us that she was truly grateful for us stopping by to teach her and to help her read. She began telling us how she did not believe in God or even Jesus Christ and how she decided to worship the devil, but since we missionaries have been around she has wanted to change her life to follow God, this was the part where I got kicked in the neck by the Holy Ghost, she was in tears saying how grateful for us to take time out of our day to help her. 

An awesome man named Paul, he owns a shop where he sells Pepsi and biscuits and anything happy that a fat kid like me would want, Elder Titi gave him a Book of Mormon a while back, but since he left I have been pestering Paul to come to church and guess what he came last week! This week we have been teaching him the first two lessons and yes he is already reading out of the Book Of Mormon! But he was not able to attended this week because his mother was not well, which was a bummer! 

The banana has a brother whoms name is plantain and this tree that bears this fruit which is plantain is most desirable to the taste, especially when it is fried to a nice dark ish tan brown. It is basically heaven sliced:) and you may say why would you eat fried fruit, let me answers that question with a question. Why do you grill pineapple? I think I madey point;) but yes this is my favorite food/treat to eat here! And it’s “healthy” because it’s a fruit! Ah ha! 

And I am 19 as of the day after tomorrow(21-02-2016)

Lots of love from Eldet Lords on Liberia! Not to sure if you people have questions or concerns? But yes we do indeed walk everywhere and people literally walk up to us asking what our purpose is, so we smile very happily to tell them! Peace up A town

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines to all you love birds out there;) 

This week was a really fun week to be in Africa! A lot of experiences were had with my companion! And just some funny things this week which made me laugh! 

Monday let us begin by playing football with the ward missionaries!!️ Elder Unyolo and Elder Edosomwan were forwards, Elder Arvig and I of course were on the defense side of the ball, where we could do less damage to the team! But I would have to say we can really get it when we are determined. Just ask my left knee how determined we were;) we ended up in a draw… But hearts were filled with laughter and fun! We then got ready and went for linder or lunch/dinner at a members. It was quite a preparation day!

Tuesday: ahh where the week begins and the memories start to pour! As we were teaching a powerful lesson on the restored gospel a biker pulled up to listen but what we did not know was he was not just a biker but a pastor…. Excitement went through this little body of mine. Questions this man asked, “Was Joseph Smith a part of the 40 men that were inspired to write the bible?” No. “Ok thank now why do you have a book where this man took the bible and translated it for his own benefit?” As I begin to explain I get cut off… Another question companion try’s to help… Cut off again…. We understand on this side of the world the word fool is not be used a lot:) ahh ha ” a bible, a bible we’ve got a bible” “thou fool that shall say: a bible, we’ve got a bible and we need no more” this would be a great scripture to end everything. But that impression to share was not there nor could I speak to help explain so I received a phone call stating that we were in need of assistance…. So we left this pastor to continue to preach:) We shook that dust off! Had some rebuilding to do but was able too accomplish! 

We met a member this past week who’s son is needing to be baptized, he will be a child of record but a little troublesome kid, runs from home for two days, kinda wants to be a street kid… But kid is brilliant, 14 years old and read The Book of Mormon like no other. But we spoke with her for a bit on Friday, she has been a member since 1989!! And she is very educated almost American! Such a sweet woman! We talked all about her life and how she had to run from the war when it first broke out and then she stayed when it came again. Missionary work is so fun to see and to understand their background. We were able to teach her son today(sunday) about 2 Nephi 31:17-20. Teaching with sand all around is awesome I get that little pen out and start going to town in the sand of drawing pics to make this kid interested and man was he ever!

Also, another a final instance that was really cool this week is a family that all the daughters have been baptized the mother is wanting to be baptized but we need the father to join so we can have a complete family! On this same Friday we were able to sit down and teach him the restoration, I have never seen anyone this anxious to know how the Christ church fellow and it is not to be found… Literally at the edge of his seat, then when we throw chocolate frosting on this cake we are building he just sits back and is released nodding and saying this is true…. We are really pushing for them to be married now then baptism! Eternal family would be awesome:) 

Also we had two baptism this week, Akoi and Rineea, Rineea whom is apart of that family spoke of before. 

Well have an awesome week! And I will as well eating plenty of Pepe and speaking really bad English! 

Love Elder Lords! 

Planting Maize & Teachin’ Lessons

Ya hello! Is the way I have been greeting people this week or how’d the body? It’s quite a fun way to say hello:) give it a shot this week, yea?

Probably one of my most favorite topics so far to talk to people about on mission is, The Book of Mormon:) most questions you get asked about, “is this book is demonic” or that “Joseph Smith wrote the book himself”. 

As missionaries you learn to quote the first vision with ease and power, the Spirit really does testify to the investigator through the First Vision. I’m coming to that after this story, we sat down with a brother named Prince, my companion Elder Edosomwan is fresh out of training he is excited to be in the real world and we start to teach the guys main concern and that of course was the Book of Mormon. We had to describe to this man not once but 3 times how Lehi was a descendent of Joseph, and how he left Jerusalem 600 B.C. Then continued with how Mormon took all the scrolls and plates and booked them together, hence the Book of Mormon. 

Then we described all the way to how it was translated. This guy(Prince), his eyes were sprung forward! He was at the edge of his seat wanting to know what will be next. This was the previous week!:)

This week February 1st to the 7th I would have to say was pretty amazing and full of new people and new ideas! First thing is first! Firestone the tire company has a factory here and was built in the late 40’s. And all the people that were passing during the war would stay there and so they decide also to build a golf course:) so my companion and I went on exchange, and I met up with Elder Carlson whom is from Utah and also golfs and so we of course went golfing at this 9 hole golf course!:) we were given a caddy a ball finder and a golf “pro” to show us around;) oh and the greens were not just green, they were indeed BLACK, they used recycled tires chewed up so soft like sand and that’s what we putt on! So very cool! 

So we had our fun this week! Back to work! This week you will never hear this anywhere else in the world, we taught 30 lessons this week and maybe some side lessons! Each lesson we teach like the one we just had yesterday with a JW named Sylvester that has been coming to church the past weeks, my companion went and taught him with a branch missionary as I was in a meeting. There were just some problems and questions about Joseph Smith and if we worship him and etc. that were not answered that left him very sketched out, but oh man yesterday we, as in the Spirit, were able to tell this guy that the Church is true and he himself said “I want to be baptized, I know this church is true” we are to teach people not lessons so that is what we did in this lesson! We are stinking excited for this guy! He is amazing! 

In Ghana we would always ask to farm, to help, and to do service …. The answer was always no…. But we had the chance to do service working in the swamp with members!! It was so fun! Not only did we plant we were able to teach:) haha it was funny! I asked who wanted to open with prayer as we were planting maize! We taught about the priesthood and missionary work! Wow it was powerful! We were and still are in the service of our Lord each and every day! 

Everything here in Liberia is awesome! Especially when your only complaint is that your receive to many referrals in a week! That is about it! Everything is amazing!! I might not want to come home…

I love you all and hope the week is fantastic!!!

Love Elder Lords! planting maze

firestone golf

Hello China Man

Hello there China man! This is what I am called throughout the week, which is some how really funny! 

On this Tuesday we had the privilege to hear from Elder Stanfill from the West Africa Area Presidency. We went and traveled to sinkor, which depending on the traffic and day of time can take about 30 minutes to 3 hours to arrive deepening on the traffic of course! But we hit it just right one hour! 

Elder Stanfill gave an example as we were sitting down of how one fan was spinning really well and how one was not doing so well… He compared them to our recent converts and how we need to make sure that the keep spinning true and strong not wobbling around. He also stated that as we are teaching we need to make sure that they are truly converted for baptism, and as we do this to prepare them for the temple. 1 in 5 that are baptized stay in the church here, he put a big emphasis on recent converts to go through the lesson with them again. To keep them active in the gospel.

Hearing this widened my eyes to take a step back and say baptism are great but how are our recent converts doing? Are they attending church? Are they reading the Book of Mormon? How are they really doing? So this week we had 8 baptisms, each candidate was ready and so this week now we are to focus on them to see how they really are doing.

I really never would’ve thought that my mouth would have watered over an African dish but… A stew called Palm butter is what makes my mouth water, meet of choice fish with chicken feet! Chicken feet are soooo sweet!!! The bones are so soft and the tendons are probably the best part!

Elder Titi and I were heading home on Saturday we stopped by to see a woman named Sister Appleton, she is an older lady but we were talking, Titi and I, saying we will stop small small, but I said to him we can take all the time we need, we can stay. Come to find out as we took seat one of her sisters was there and she was asking about tithing and what it is used for and if it goes to pay pastors. We were able to comfort her concerns with teaching her about tithing and fast offerings. What an amazing way the spirt is able to use us even if it’s such a small example. 

I said see you later to elder Titi today…. Was not to happy to see him go, we have bonded really well and have become the best of friends in the short weeks, but today I was able to serve with a new brother named Elder Endosomwan! He is a Nigeria! And I’m very excited to serve with him!

Lots of love!

Answers to Prayers

Why hello again my fellow people:)

This week I would most certainly like to start off by telling some stories that have happened in the mission so far that maybe I haven’t told and I think they are pretty neat!

1. While I was in Ghana teaching Ocheria, he was having troubles getting to church because his hurt leg would not allow him to do so, that fast Sunday Elder Kaelin and I fasted for him. During that week we were teaching he told us of a dream that he had. 

In the dream, Elder Kaelin and I were behind him holding his arms as Duncan(a ward member that worked with us) was pulling his leg, he said he was screaming then he heard a pop and he woke up that morning being able to walk on that leg. I can testify to you that God truly does answer our prayers for the things that we will have faith in and trust in him.

2. This week we were teaching sister Cece, that a member referred us to. We’ve taught 2 lessons to her and she has been progressing so well and should be baptized this Saturday. But as we were teaching The Gospel of Jesus Christ a man decided to join- he grabbed a pamphlet and read some out loud, he then said”I like this book, I am taking it. And I will be right back so you can teach me more!” As quoted in D&C 4:4 the field is white, so white here in Liberia that people hop in lessons and love them. His name is George by the way. 

3. A child’s prayer is so amazing…. It comes from the heart and what they really desire. A young boy that was just sitting in on a lesson asked if he could pray and you can’t turn that down, James Daw a seven year old boy prayed as if he was talking to a dear friend, literally brought a tear to my eye, I’ve gone soft out here indeed!

Maybe there is a thought in your head like can it ever get cold in Africa, I would love to share with you how it was cold this week, last week was really cold for you people, I guess it carried over here. Woke up on the day of Wednesday of a gloomy day and you walk outside and you are like oh wow it’s cold my skin is literally cold… It was probably in the high 60’s and we were freezing especially with a breeze. I could compare it almost to a winter morning with a short sleeve shirt on and the back of your arms to the touch is freezing yep… That was for two days:) I was really excited about it. It also rained, I look like puss in boots from shrek with my rain boots! And no I didn’t take a picture I’m sorry! I will when it rains again! Also remember the hopping into a car and the seats are cold? Oh ya that was my desk chair cold!

 This Sunday was conference, in sinkor( or in Liberian English sinkhole) where our mission President, President Carlson and Sister Carlson were back from the states and were able to give such strong talks to us, as did Elder and Sister Stanfill. They are here for mission tour, which will be Tuesday and I will tell you all about it this coming week! 

Any questions, comments, concerns please do email me!:) I would be more than happy to answer back at😉 

 I hope you all have an amazing week and I love you all! Peace from Elder Lords and Elder Titi!

New Years

That’s is a bummer for sure! I am today a lot better, I had Malaria so that is super cool!!:) I loved seeing you and everyone so happy! 

1. New Years was spent working of course and then that night spent sweating and dying of sickness! They had some fire works in the village.

2. So we received a phone call from a Brother that said he had a Christmas package for us that he will drop off on Monday and we were to be there around 7 or so and then he said the blue is for Lords and the red for Titi! In them were 2 ties and 3 pairs of socks! 

3. So we live in a literal compound, like with walls around us and barbed wire fence on the top metal gates at the front and on our front door as well. To keep people from hopping the fence to get into the compound and steal things. Two missionaries got robbed a week before I got there. They came in with cutlasses and they took all their stuff…So yeah!

4. One of the requirements is that the apartment has to been in a compound with barbed fences! So high security in a way! 

5. The work is going really well, the teaching is coming a long really fast which is awesome!!

6. The hand is doing a lot better, it’s going to need surgery when I get home I’m sure of it but hey no problem! 

Love your dearest Elder Lords