Teaching Everyone!

This whole greeting is strange, not sure still how I am supposed to do it because here I just say “How’d the body” and it’s finished! But I feel I have to give an extravagant hello? Because I’m in Africa?

But anyways! This week was great, first to start off with our sister Deedhan, was baptized on Saturday and confirmed Sunday! I was pretty pumped!! So Elder Lords, Elder Grant, and Elder Kouakou feel very happy! Sister Deedahn was also very happy! I was able to do the baptism! And this water we did the baptism, let’s say as a famous P.E. Teacher would say “Clear as mud?”

This here we call palm butter soup that I very much enjoy a lot! Our sister Henrietta prepared for us some on Saturday and by far the best Palm I have ever tasted in my life! But they told us that they did not think we ate African dishes, I was a little hurt to hear them say that, and they were very pleased to hear me say that I love Palm, because in bone county where I am, is their favorite soup! And so this Palm I had was amazing, and I will being taught how to make on Monday!!! So I will let you know how this goes with photos of course?

Our brother Ezekiel is doing awesome! We were able to see him quite a bit this week. We taught a lot about The Book of Mormon and the truth of it. We were able to share plenty of scriptures with him on baptism in 3 Nephi 11:31-40. For me I try very very hard to listen to the Spirit in lessons to see if I truly need to teach a lesson or to teach to this person’s needs. He even told us that as we have been coming he has seen the love that we have for him, the caring we have showed to him. On Sunday something really cool happened! So this brother is paralyzed from the waist down and has a hard time getting around anyways but my little persistent self was saying this guys has such a big heart and a love for Christ he needs to come to church. Elder Kouakou and I arose early this morning so that we could travel to his house and get his wheel chair ready and we could walk with him to church, as his brother pushed him to church, and his little nephew came as well and this little dude could walk! It was maybe a 3 mile journey to the church and we made great time! 30 minutes early! And after church a brother that was working here from Washington state, had a pick up that he lived somewhat close to Ezekiel’s house so we asked him for a favor and we were able to put Ezekiel in the back of the truck and take the guy home! It was super cool experience!!

We also met with our Nigerian mommy whom is always so fun to sit with a talk to! She always such inspired questions! She really likes to emphasize on the Restoration and The Book of Mormon! And I just get excited to talk about this! And then she asked how we do baptism and all sorts of scriptures flying through my head, but I had to be an African and ask “Ok what do you think is the correct way to be baptized?” And she laughed and said “Quit being an African and tell me”, so I took her to 3 Nephi as well and she said “Ok wow I truly understand now”, and then I asked the most important question of “Will you be baptized” and….. Shut down…. Because she is willing to follow what the husband says, but plenty of respect to that! But still saddened because she would be an awesome convert!! So we will talk with the husband the first week of May when he comes from Nigeria!

Also, as we were driving I was in the front seat with another guy so the drive was in his own seat I and some dude in the passenger and four in the back! So this guy starts asking about the church and I am literally teaching this guy the Restoration and when I then see a Restoration pamphlet at the window from my companion! So that was straight wingman style there!! I was very impressed!

This area is seriously a lot of fun, a lot of really strong investigators willing to learn of the gospel! Transfer news! I am still here with my son Elder Kouakou and we are still enjoying life!

At least for me, a lot of conference has been talking about the temple, I am very envious of you people being able to attend the temple whenever you please, I literally crave and miss the temple, so please I beg you go to the temple, go to the house of the Lord to learn of him and what he would have you learn. I cannot because their is no temple but most of you can! Enjoy the blessings which come from the temple.

Elder Kouakou and his English is coming small small and but is coming better and better each day! His teaching is becoming better as well! I can see his excitement to learn, the dude is always studying and always asking questions and I am always pointing at random things asking him what is is this, ok now put it into a sentence! And I feel bad because he got a really goofy companion!

But yes everything here is fine! I love Africa and the people! I look very sweet in my African wear yes?


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