Finger Jam

Let’s get this weekly email started off right with how it’s some how difficult to explain to your companion that he needs to open his door in a fast and orderly manner, but he does not understand what you are saying with pain in your voice, he is confused because we just got in the car, but he did not realize that his fathers fingers were smashed in the door:) so a passer by saw this happened and saved the day, but do not worry, everyone in the car said sorry yea, so the pain immediately left as soon as it came:)

But this week was super fun to see our investigators progress and to see the light in them grow, it is such an amazing sight to see, a lot like watching a little kid learn how to put together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! For one of your sisters named Deedahn, she lives a good trekking distance from us, we taught the Word of Wisdom to her last week, and she was drinking tea every morning, but as we came the following to check up on her, she told us that she has not had tea since we have come last!!! I was so stinking happy! On this day we taught about temples, we showed a video of temples in the gospel library and man, they did an amazing job showing how temples are so much more than meeting houses! She loved it, and I did as well, so much spirit in that little video.

Also, another funny story happened as we were coming back to the apartment, a man stopped us as we were walking and asked what the church was about and we started to explain to him the most important part that it was restored by a prophet Joseph Smith he said thank you and started to leave so I said wait, let me give you this booklet and said I’ll look on the Internet, so I decided to ask him a question that was to me appropriate at the time, “What came first the Internet or the book?” He still would not take it so that was funny!

On Thursday, we had a sweet day planned after our zone training in red light, but each person we called bailed on us, they were busy or the phone did not pick. So we were walking on the beach side area of our area and we said a pick little prayer of help and guidance, as we were walking we saw a group of four people sitting by a house but I did not have the urge to talk with them so we passed by but in our coming back they indeed have the urge to speak with us! We sat down with these four brothers and see started talking and we got on the topic of salvation and one of the brothers was really interested in that topic and so we were like sweet!! We are coming by this week to discuss with you! This will be this Friday!

We were able to travel again to red light for Conference/sacrament! Which was super cool because we had four investigators come! One being our super awesome Aunti named Henrietta! This woman was Muslim before being Christian and now is Christian and has had so many questions and such a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and now she understands the doctrine of the church(basics) and she came to watch Conference!! She absolutely loved it she said!!!!!! So we have a baptism date for her and her two nephews on the 30th! Sister Deedahn was not able to attended which was a bummer but will be being baptized this Saturday! Love this area!

Umm it is still hot and what not? The rainy season is coming so the wells are becoming dry and the water we wash our clothes are uhh not the cleanest but get gets the job done, Nephi still has ticks. Oh I was able to cut my companion hair and Elder Grant’s and his companion’s hair so that was sweet! I am currently enjoying the Book of Mormon right now in my study!

I hope you all enjoyed Conference and still are as I only watched small!!



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