General Conference

This week was pretty sweet to start off this weekly email! Yesterday, during sacrament we got some awesome news saying that General Conference will be broadcast by satellite transmission at the Benson branch!!! And that it will start by 4PM and it was the morning session. But wow is all I have to say! The last conference I watched was in Ghana on a little TV and we only watched small. But we were able to watch all on a projector! Even though I was sweating the whole time, I loved every second of it, The Relief Society President intro to her talk to me was just powerful, of this little boy that was sick, and how he had to be life flighted to primary children’s hospital, during this ride the mother was able to see all of the temples in the valley, and a thought popped into her head “do you believe it or not?”

I know that I believe it, I know that my family believes it because priesthood power was finally restored upon this earth and that we can do work for our ancestors. My father was able to do one of these ordinance for my brother Tyson that died in 2005 a short year later he was able to do his saving ordinances, so that he could to gain exaltation. The temple is a wonderful place to be.
Ok so this week consisted of me bearing a child in Africa!!!! And I named him Elder Kouakou!! This new companion of mine (6th) is from the Court d Car. And he is a short stocky guy, he reminds me of me! Yep I’m sure of it I love him! He is a French speaking missionary, so his English is small small, but it’s so fun to be able to help him in our language study and such, but one down side is I have to speak slow, none of this Liberian English as I’m speaking to him because he would not hear it. But it’s fun to see how we communicate, he try’s to explain and I feel like I’m playing a guessing game! But do not worry, he is getting so much better in this short time! But he also able to say small during lessons which is great and our investigators are willing to listen to him so that’s awesome!

On the second day I had my son I took him out to our brother Ezekiel, and that was fun because he was able to extend him a baptismal date! So I was just jumping for joy as a proud father would be;) after we taught Ezekiel I left him with the Restoration DVD, and we were speaking with his older sister whom was about to re-do her whole room. So I said sweet we are helping let’s get to work! So we helped her take everything out of this room, then all the cement blocks that hold the bed, then we swept everything, and then after that we laid down a vinyl sheet that pictures tile on it so that’s kinda cool! Then we brought everything inside! And bam service project done!

Each and every day with Elder Kouakou is just a fun one because he kinda sits there in silence as I’m speaking way to fast so that investigators can hear me, then he will testify, and I just want this guy to progress so bad!!!! But he will small small!
We went to brother Coopers and were teaching the Plan of Salvation which was super cool, because his little boy that is 6 years old has been going through all the books we have been giving and asking brother Cooper for help to read as well. During the end of the lesson I asked where will we go after we die? And this little voice in the back said the spirit world, everyone kinda laughed but I was like no this is exactly where we are going this kid knows!!!! I was just so happy to see this little dude actually listening and wanting to learn! So cool to see.
Oh and Elder Grant has a son, and he also gave him a name which was Elder Koudou! And this guy is a funny guy, his English is a little better but no problem he is able to help my son on words which is also really cool to see!

My companion loves what is to me Ghanaian fufu and we found a chop bar that has it!! So we both were pretty excited to chop fufu! And so it was not the best fufu I have had but it was still pretty good, he need more plantain in with the kasavah then it would have been perfect. But it was very sweet to eat:)

Lots of love from Elder Lords whom is not dead:) but has born a child in the wilderness and we will not suffer many afflictions.


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