New Finding Ideas

Happy Easter to all!(yesterday)
This week was a little bit of a slow week because Elder Grant had some throat issues that limited us in what we wanted to do, but no problem! This week was seriously awesome to be able to work with our brother Cooper whom said he had 13 referrals for us, this guy not only had 13 he had one more! A total of 14 investigators in one area!!! So cool to see members willing to share their family members to us and their family friends. Brother Cooper has daughters on missions and one that returned and lives state side, he has felt the love from the gospel and how he wants to share it with his family! And the road that we go down to his area is called Rafiki drive!! And if you remember whom Rafiki is, he is the creepy Monkey on Lion King!
The gospel library has a video called the Restoration, which is only about 19 minutes long, so I said “Hey this would be really cool to show to investigators, instead of hearing it from us they can see it on a well done church video.” So we took this to our brother Ezekiel who was taught by missionaries before Ebola came, so he knew about the restoration but this video really opened his eyes to another perspective of the Restoration! He was even commenting to the video as it was playing!
We could not stop there on how well this video worked, we took it to our sister Margaret, and it brought tears to her eyes! She was just amazed to see the simplicity of the video, and even I was amazed at it, I want to keep watching it.
We were kinda tired of walking up to people and talking to them, so we decided to start finding by playing a game called Lapa, that little girls(mainly) and boys play. You take your slippers off and mix them up. Then you get a socks and turn it into a ball and one person is in the middle trying to get them sorted and paired in a line. While two people, one on each side, are throwing the ball at you, trying to hit you:) while Elder Grant and I played this a woman stopped and asked what organization we were with, and we told her we were missionaries for the Church, she said “Follow me and play lapa with my kids.” So we did as she told and yes we beat the kids:) but we ended up gaining her trust and a fun attitude towards her. She wants us to come back and teach her about the Church!!! Really cool to see things like this happen:)
We also have started to teach two guys who sell us our Red Bull each day, and they themselves are very interested in the gospel!
The nice thing about Africa, its like the states, where you meet people from different states all the time. The other day, we met a woman named Stella whom is from Niga, and is living in Libera. She had a lot of funny questions for us like, if we celebrate Christmas, Easter, if we worship on Sunday and was making sure we checked her check list she had. Then we hopped right into the lesson about the Book of Mormon because that was her other question. She is a school teacher and she understood very very well!
This Easter Sunday we helped hide boiled eggs for the primary at church, and all I have to say is, it was a mad house! Really awesome to see these youngins stoked about Easter!
Oh and before I forget, these two little girls that are 10 and 11, that talk perfect English, at least to my ears, are the funniest  humans upon this earth!
Also, a brother named Jefferson stopped us on the road who also had amazing English also wanted to know about the church more have us his contact, and so he called us, I of course answer in an African accent and I am shocked because of the English he speaks! As this was happening an Oldma also stopped us to tell us she is from Ghana and asked where the church was, as we were explaining a biker guy stopped and started to explain as well, she told this biker to take me to the church NOW. And yes we saw her at church this Sunday:)
This week was really cool to see people excited to hear the gospel! Whoop whoop! Africa and ticks on the dog Nephi!
My favorite Easter song in the hymns:
That Easter morn, a grave that burst
Proclaimed to man that “Last and First”
Had ris’n again
And conquered pain.
2. This morn renews for us that day
When Jesus cast the bonds away,
Took living breath
And conquered death.
3. Thus we in gratitude recall
And give our love and pledge our all,
Shed grateful tear
And conquer fear.
Christ suffered not only on the cross for us, but in the Garden for our sins, we focus to much on the cross in this world, what about the bleeding from every pore, agonizing pain He felt for each and everyone of us no matter what it was or is He has felt it? He himself asked “Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.” Christ wanted this pain to be gone but He knew it needed to be done, I love the statement not my will by thine. We are too caught up in ourselves, we want what we think is best for us when we really need to step back and look at what God wants us to become in His eyes, let us not forget our Savior, our Redeemer our Brother, not only the Easter holiday but each Sunday as we partake and we covenant each week to always remember Him and take upon His name.#hehasrisen
Lot of love from Elder Lords this week! Hope everyone had awesome amount of candy!!



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