Real Reason for Easter

This week was a pretty fun week considering we were able to teach and talk to a lot more investigators!
During this time in Africa, we are in the dry season also known as the hottest part of the year, and myself being a ginger, I really don’t like this thing we call “sun” it’s likes to beat me but it’s ok because the sun screen won’t let it;) but anywho, fun fact for the day Elder Grant and I walked 45 miles this week!

This week for some reason was just a long one, on Monday we had to travel for some time just to get to an ATM to withdrawal money for the month. But upon our departure and us hustling for a car, a sweet guy named Hassan pulled up and asked where we were going, and we told him we were going to Junction. Bam! the dude gave us a free ride all the way to the Junction!
And also we have been searching for someone to cook us a stew for the week, as we are walking back a woman yells at us saying ” I can cook for you” we stop mid stride and greet this heavenly angel! Her name is Fatumahtu! Or F.2. for short, she made us potato grain with fish and chicken! Through her just grabbing us, we have been able to sit down and talk with her a bit, but she is not too serious, just a young 23 year old girl just wanting fun, but her aunt on the other hand is very serious! Her name is Margaret, they lived in Thinker Village over a year ago so they are very new, and she has no church and has not been baptized! Elder Grant and I looked at each other in pure excitement. She is willing to learn the gospel, so receptive to everything we have taught. She opened up to us so quickly in the first sitting, she was in tears talking about how she needs to find God, and she knows that there is something in her life that is missing. She really touched my heart, I could see the love and the desire to know the truth in her eyes! And she loved service, loved how she was learning and not singing, dancing and clapping!
I have started to work out again:) and this time I have some sweet weights that Elder Grant and made in his last area and as they would say here “you eat iron?” Plus we found muscle milk! So my legs are just hurting right now, same with the chest but gee wiz I miss working out and all that fun stuff;)
One of my favorite subjects to talk about is the Atonement that Jesus Christ did for us, it is such an amazing thing, my sweet mom mentioned last week how their are 18 single space pages under the name Jesus Christ in the Topical Guide. I mean, we can all imagine why, He did everything for us, we cannot repay what He has done. It is the greatest gift that we can receive. I hope at this upcoming holiday which we call Easter that we all can truly remember why we celebrate Easter, not because the bunny comes and drops us off candy but because of the Resurrection of the Son of God, that he was able to put away the sting of death and that the grave shall not have victory. Let us rejoice for our King has risen.
Sorry yea this is a short email and such!
One of the topics I have been studying this week is the Book of Mormon, I love to read this book, but as we not just read but to search. One of my favorite scriptures is in 2 Nephi chapter 3, when Nephi is speaking to his son Joseph and so on and so forth of his lineage which is important but “a seer shall the Lord my God raise up, who shall be a choice seer into the fruit of my loins”
“And he shall be great like unto Moses”
“And his name shall be called after me;and it shall be after the name of his father”
Joseph Smith was truly foreordained for this last dispensation, he was a choice seer like unto Moses! Without Joseph Smith there would be no Book of Mormon, our keystone would not be there, there would be no true and everlasting gospel upon the face of the earth, but our God truly had a plan for these last days!
Lots of love from Elder Lords!:)

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