A Heart Begging to Be Full

I feel in a way not sure how to greet you all…. So I will quote 1
Corinthians 16:20;) [All the brethren greet you. Greet ye one another with an holy kiss.]This week was super crazy and super fun! A lot of neatness happened
like……… I was transferred to a new area called Thinker Village with Elder Grant whom eats iron from Arizona! This area we are in is quite massive indeed, two other elders are here but we are to assist them in expanding the area! First off the apartment that we are in is HUGE!!!! The compound is nuts, same with the house itself! Plus the investigators that we have met in such a sort time have been awesome!

As we have started our week beginning with Wednesday, Elder Grant and I went on splits with the two other Elders in this area, Elder Nyenkan and Elder Chilumba! I was with Nyenkan and Grant was with Chilumba. They were able to show us some investigators and where our area begins and ends, yeah.. It’s massive. But on the bright side, it is right next to the beach that we go and run too each morning for our work out! We do a good mile run total and upon our arrival we are able to do short sprints on the beach! It’s quite a view:)

On Thursday, Elder Grant and I went on our own to go and find investigators, which I love, I’ve got this finding spirit that is just nuts! As we were walking, I saw a guy reading a newspaper, I thought to myself quite fast of a clever pick up line “would you read about Christ’s only and true church upon this earth rather than the news?” But it did not go that way…. But it went in a way of I would love to hear your message -come Saturday by 1 and we will talk!

Same day, happened to come across two women whom were laughing and having fun, I too wanted to have fun like them so we asked the occasion and it was one of their birthdays! Whoop whoop!!! So we said “Hey perfect time for your to be born again so here is the gospel of Jesus Christ book”:) come by Saturday by 12!

Friday we had an awesome service project where we carried a lot of dirt for an investigator’s house as a zone activity/service! It took hours to complete because there were plenty of people and not plenty of wheelbarrows, so we took time! But after all of this exiting fun we were able to enjoy rice and beans that they cooked for us! A communion bowl is what we call it, 5 elders per bowl and we go nuts!!! It was a lot of fun and bonding moments of course!

Saturday yea? Saturday was a day that we were able to get some people to teach, one being the woman whom we met on her birthday, upon our arrival we were invited to go inside this fence, where it was a nice compound andhouse. I was in complete shock… I have never taught someone with this nice of a house/compound. We were invited to have some juice and fufu and sister Benettah made sure we washed our hands!!!! The craziest part, with Clorox wipes….. The lesson was sweet, talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ, her children used to attend church but not anymore. She was contributing in the lesson, flipping through scriptures with us, so we are super pumped for the Restoration lesson!

Also we met a man named Marley who we also contacted on Thursday, he was the guy reading the newspaper. The spirit literally leads and guides us in our work, this guy was so dang receptive to the Restoration, so receptive to the truth, but we both felt an impression after the lesson that he needs to know truly why this church isn’t just a different church, but it is the ONLY TRUE CHURCH. So we are coming small small!

Sunday was super great! During sacrament, Elder Grant and I were invited to bear our testimonies which is always fun to do:) before the service I was able to see two familiar faces, my sister Emma and brother Thomas Jabbie who traveled from my last area to come to church to see me! I was so happy to see them! After the service, a ward missionary took us to his house so we could see where we will meet him on Tuesday, at the same time we met man named Uncle J. Who is a super cool guy, he was talking about his son and how he ran away to be a street kid(which is no good). All he wanted from his son was for him to come unto Christ and be change through him, that’s it. So we came back at 5 to walk some distance to where the son lives, the whole time I could see through the father’s eyes, just looking and wanting the best for his child in every way he possibly could help him. I felt the love he has for his son, my little heart has been here 6 days and it’s already begging to be full. And the son was not there, but we will be able to try again on Tuesday to see him.

The runs to the beach are pretty great:) because it feels like we are some how in Hawaii but then we run back and we say ah yes Africa is our home:) this week has been super fun and a blast! Plus we have a dog

Lots of love from Elder Lords in West Africa!





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