Why hello!

This week was a really busy busy week! First off, the seven week transfer is over! And the news we received on Wednesday was that I was going to Think Village the coming Monday!!! I will be with Elder Grant for three weeks, Elder Grant was from my MTC group as well, the dude is super cool! So we will have fun! And when the three weeks end we are going to split and we both will be training French speaking Elders coming in on the 29th! Oh and we are opening a new area as well. And the apartment we are living in is pretty sweet!

This week consisted a lot of meetings, on Thursday we traveled to Caldwell for zone training where we discussed a lot on the new agenda that President has for us here, and what we as Elders can do better to make things a lot easier for the President. But after all this funness we went to a chop bar and I was able to eat Ghanaian fufu!!!!!!! I was so happy, to the point of tears! The soup is ground nut stew and it’s amazing! My companion is from Nigeria and he has not had eba since he has been here and you can see the excitement and happiness in this dudes eyes!

As we arrived at the apartment, Elder Arvig and I had to go on emergency exchange so I could show him around my area, because Elder Edosomwan and I are traveling to the mission office for another meeting on Friday with a bunch of elders whom will be training as well. We have a new thing called “Train the Trainers” meeting that we attended, which are always fun!

On our way to the mission office, we were out hustling for a car but all of a sudden a black suburban pulls up and a woman rolls down her window and asks where we are going. When we said we were going to town, she told us to get in. She ended up being a member of the church! Her husband and she took us all the way to the mission office in a nice air conditioned car. Count your many blessings, name them one by one;)

Elder Edosomwan and I went over marriage and family with our brother Napolien. I was able to share my testimony of an eternal family and how my parents’ sealing in the temple special covenants with God bound them together and to us like biscuits in a package, and how family’s truly can be eternal. Napolien was very enthusiastic at this point saying “Yes, yes, I will save and I will work so we can have a civil marriage and then to be sealed in the temple.” I’m sitting in the chair just freaking excited about this man’s commitment to be married, baptized and sealed! But sadly, I won’t be able to be there for the baptism…

Our man Teah was baptized on Saturday, it was so awesome to see! But we had three others planned to be baptized with him but for certain reasons they were unable to be baptized. I myself have never felt the weight of loving a single soul in my life, knowing that they have to wait some more time to be saved was literally heart wrenching. But to know that they will be saved because of one persons’ selfless act to save man kind we to can continue to be saved daily.

Said see ya later to my old area and my Wyoming buddy Elder Arvig for a while until we meet again! But new a great things are to come in this area!

Lots of love

-Elder Lords


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