Birthday Week

Yea hello,

First things first, when a little kid is walking and trips, he eats the dirt quite well! And we laugh at the poor dude and say “Sorry yea?” And then everything just magically gets better! Elder Edosomwan and I experienced this same scenario as we were riding bike back to the apartment. Where our bike man should’ve bobbed and another bike guy should’ve weaved but they both bobbed so this involved us in a nice little head on collision:) Do not freak out!!!!!! We were right next to a repair shop so the bike was able to get the fixin’ it needed. But yes, as people here like to make scenes when stuff like this happens, we got a lot of “sorry yea’s”? To us which just made me laugh aloud like lol! We had a good laugh about that! Because it was expected but I did not expect it! 

Next on the subject of baptism! This week we have five planned. Our brother Sylvester whom is a Jehovah’s Witness (before he came and started worshipping with us). Next is our sisters Elizabeth and Joana, they are cousins and very sweet girls that are 15 and 16, we are currently working with her aunt as well. Next will be a child of record names Teah, this dude is 14, and a very smart kid but you can tell that he does not like to have people see that he is smart but the dude is very very smart! He was able to explain Lehi’s vision from 1 Nephi 8 to us. So we are super pumped for him. And last but not least is our Olema sister Susanne, she is an elderly woman whom has been coming to church nonstop for 6 weeks straight, she loves the gospel. And yes, she does speak a dialect that we need a member help us teach her, which is really cool to hear and see!

On this Tuesday the 23rd, I turned a 19 years of age Whoop Whoop!!! Sister Carlson makes a big deal about birthdays and makes sure everyone knows that it’s their birthday, so that’s super awesome! For the day we went and did the Lords work and then arrived at the apartment and had cake with frosting!(Abi thank you yeah!?) and along with it glow sticks that were the color orange and mix colors, come to find out that Elder Unyolo and Elder Edosomwan did not really know exactly what these were, so Elder Arvig and I had some fun saying “if they touch you they WILL burn you!” And the fun began with us chasing them with glow sticks in the apartment and outside! Then we had cake and enjoyed a happy birthday! Next morning I did demolish the rest of the cake…. Do I feel ashamed? Not even a little.

For our next baptism, our sister named Lucky should be a part of it with her mother! But a story behind this was Lucky came to church on her own, when we were still worshipping at the school, and still comes in the new church. We went and visited her on Saturday to teach, we ended up teaching not just her, but 10 of her aunts, mom and friends! Which was really cool! I love teaching big groups of people because of the questions you get, like this lady asked if she comes to church would she get a reward and we said “Of course! God will bless you”, she then replies to us saying, “God has already blessed her with a future husband and that is you Elder Lords.” I could not contain my laughter, the whole group erupted in a laughter!! We could say I would have a family starter pack, meaning she has a bun in the oven already. These women were just so fun to talk to and answer their questions concerning loving our neighbors and our fellow man, haha I was dying in this lesson!!!

We are still working super hard on Napoleon and his wife Sylvia to get their marriage certificate so that they can be baptized and have an eternal family in the near future! I would be so pumped for this!

I know I know I need to go a little in depth more on these emails and spiritual experiences! You got it:) next week:) I will be in depth ya?

Lots of Love from Elder Lords in Liberia only ginger in some miles

elder lords tractingElder Lords & Treadwaybirthday cake and handwashing shirts


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