Almost 19!

Ya hello!

This week was super fun! And very spiritual all in one. On Monday we were privileged to go in town to eat at a restaurant called Monroe Chicken which serves American food! I was pretty excited to get a double cheese burger with fries and a pizza! It was quite a joyful moment for Elder Arvig and I! We met there with 8 other Elders to enjoy the happiness that is there! But of course all things come to an end which is no problem, then comes to work!

We all had interviews with President Carlson this week which was awesome! This guy is amazing, he knows what he is doing in this mission field, and what he was called to do. After the interviews Elder Edosomwan and I were privileged to teach with President but do not worry! We taught our sister Musu (that I hope I told you people’s that she has always waved to us but we never stopped by to say hello personally) we were able to teach her about The Plan of Salvation. Will not lie, I thought President would have said something in the lesson but he and Sister Carlson were just quiet and very observant of what and how we taught (which was not imitating at all!) But we felt like it was a very strong lesson! 

The next day we swung by to see how the reading was coming, and she made me for the first time in mission tear up in the eyes because how amazingly she opened her heart to us and told us that she was truly grateful for us stopping by to teach her and to help her read. She began telling us how she did not believe in God or even Jesus Christ and how she decided to worship the devil, but since we missionaries have been around she has wanted to change her life to follow God, this was the part where I got kicked in the neck by the Holy Ghost, she was in tears saying how grateful for us to take time out of our day to help her. 

An awesome man named Paul, he owns a shop where he sells Pepsi and biscuits and anything happy that a fat kid like me would want, Elder Titi gave him a Book of Mormon a while back, but since he left I have been pestering Paul to come to church and guess what he came last week! This week we have been teaching him the first two lessons and yes he is already reading out of the Book Of Mormon! But he was not able to attended this week because his mother was not well, which was a bummer! 

The banana has a brother whoms name is plantain and this tree that bears this fruit which is plantain is most desirable to the taste, especially when it is fried to a nice dark ish tan brown. It is basically heaven sliced:) and you may say why would you eat fried fruit, let me answers that question with a question. Why do you grill pineapple? I think I madey point;) but yes this is my favorite food/treat to eat here! And it’s “healthy” because it’s a fruit! Ah ha! 

And I am 19 as of the day after tomorrow(21-02-2016)

Lots of love from Eldet Lords on Liberia! Not to sure if you people have questions or concerns? But yes we do indeed walk everywhere and people literally walk up to us asking what our purpose is, so we smile very happily to tell them! Peace up A town


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