Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines to all you love birds out there;) 

This week was a really fun week to be in Africa! A lot of experiences were had with my companion! And just some funny things this week which made me laugh! 

Monday let us begin by playing football with the ward missionaries!!️ Elder Unyolo and Elder Edosomwan were forwards, Elder Arvig and I of course were on the defense side of the ball, where we could do less damage to the team! But I would have to say we can really get it when we are determined. Just ask my left knee how determined we were;) we ended up in a draw… But hearts were filled with laughter and fun! We then got ready and went for linder or lunch/dinner at a members. It was quite a preparation day!

Tuesday: ahh where the week begins and the memories start to pour! As we were teaching a powerful lesson on the restored gospel a biker pulled up to listen but what we did not know was he was not just a biker but a pastor…. Excitement went through this little body of mine. Questions this man asked, “Was Joseph Smith a part of the 40 men that were inspired to write the bible?” No. “Ok thank now why do you have a book where this man took the bible and translated it for his own benefit?” As I begin to explain I get cut off… Another question companion try’s to help… Cut off again…. We understand on this side of the world the word fool is not be used a lot:) ahh ha ” a bible, a bible we’ve got a bible” “thou fool that shall say: a bible, we’ve got a bible and we need no more” this would be a great scripture to end everything. But that impression to share was not there nor could I speak to help explain so I received a phone call stating that we were in need of assistance…. So we left this pastor to continue to preach:) We shook that dust off! Had some rebuilding to do but was able too accomplish! 

We met a member this past week who’s son is needing to be baptized, he will be a child of record but a little troublesome kid, runs from home for two days, kinda wants to be a street kid… But kid is brilliant, 14 years old and read The Book of Mormon like no other. But we spoke with her for a bit on Friday, she has been a member since 1989!! And she is very educated almost American! Such a sweet woman! We talked all about her life and how she had to run from the war when it first broke out and then she stayed when it came again. Missionary work is so fun to see and to understand their background. We were able to teach her son today(sunday) about 2 Nephi 31:17-20. Teaching with sand all around is awesome I get that little pen out and start going to town in the sand of drawing pics to make this kid interested and man was he ever!

Also, another a final instance that was really cool this week is a family that all the daughters have been baptized the mother is wanting to be baptized but we need the father to join so we can have a complete family! On this same Friday we were able to sit down and teach him the restoration, I have never seen anyone this anxious to know how the Christ church fellow and it is not to be found… Literally at the edge of his seat, then when we throw chocolate frosting on this cake we are building he just sits back and is released nodding and saying this is true…. We are really pushing for them to be married now then baptism! Eternal family would be awesome:) 

Also we had two baptism this week, Akoi and Rineea, Rineea whom is apart of that family spoke of before. 

Well have an awesome week! And I will as well eating plenty of Pepe and speaking really bad English! 

Love Elder Lords! 


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