Planting Maize & Teachin’ Lessons

Ya hello! Is the way I have been greeting people this week or how’d the body? It’s quite a fun way to say hello:) give it a shot this week, yea?

Probably one of my most favorite topics so far to talk to people about on mission is, The Book of Mormon:) most questions you get asked about, “is this book is demonic” or that “Joseph Smith wrote the book himself”. 

As missionaries you learn to quote the first vision with ease and power, the Spirit really does testify to the investigator through the First Vision. I’m coming to that after this story, we sat down with a brother named Prince, my companion Elder Edosomwan is fresh out of training he is excited to be in the real world and we start to teach the guys main concern and that of course was the Book of Mormon. We had to describe to this man not once but 3 times how Lehi was a descendent of Joseph, and how he left Jerusalem 600 B.C. Then continued with how Mormon took all the scrolls and plates and booked them together, hence the Book of Mormon. 

Then we described all the way to how it was translated. This guy(Prince), his eyes were sprung forward! He was at the edge of his seat wanting to know what will be next. This was the previous week!:)

This week February 1st to the 7th I would have to say was pretty amazing and full of new people and new ideas! First thing is first! Firestone the tire company has a factory here and was built in the late 40’s. And all the people that were passing during the war would stay there and so they decide also to build a golf course:) so my companion and I went on exchange, and I met up with Elder Carlson whom is from Utah and also golfs and so we of course went golfing at this 9 hole golf course!:) we were given a caddy a ball finder and a golf “pro” to show us around;) oh and the greens were not just green, they were indeed BLACK, they used recycled tires chewed up so soft like sand and that’s what we putt on! So very cool! 

So we had our fun this week! Back to work! This week you will never hear this anywhere else in the world, we taught 30 lessons this week and maybe some side lessons! Each lesson we teach like the one we just had yesterday with a JW named Sylvester that has been coming to church the past weeks, my companion went and taught him with a branch missionary as I was in a meeting. There were just some problems and questions about Joseph Smith and if we worship him and etc. that were not answered that left him very sketched out, but oh man yesterday we, as in the Spirit, were able to tell this guy that the Church is true and he himself said “I want to be baptized, I know this church is true” we are to teach people not lessons so that is what we did in this lesson! We are stinking excited for this guy! He is amazing! 

In Ghana we would always ask to farm, to help, and to do service …. The answer was always no…. But we had the chance to do service working in the swamp with members!! It was so fun! Not only did we plant we were able to teach:) haha it was funny! I asked who wanted to open with prayer as we were planting maize! We taught about the priesthood and missionary work! Wow it was powerful! We were and still are in the service of our Lord each and every day! 

Everything here in Liberia is awesome! Especially when your only complaint is that your receive to many referrals in a week! That is about it! Everything is amazing!! I might not want to come home…

I love you all and hope the week is fantastic!!!

Love Elder Lords! planting maze

firestone golf


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