Hello China Man

Hello there China man! This is what I am called throughout the week, which is some how really funny! 

On this Tuesday we had the privilege to hear from Elder Stanfill from the West Africa Area Presidency. We went and traveled to sinkor, which depending on the traffic and day of time can take about 30 minutes to 3 hours to arrive deepening on the traffic of course! But we hit it just right one hour! 

Elder Stanfill gave an example as we were sitting down of how one fan was spinning really well and how one was not doing so well… He compared them to our recent converts and how we need to make sure that the keep spinning true and strong not wobbling around. He also stated that as we are teaching we need to make sure that they are truly converted for baptism, and as we do this to prepare them for the temple. 1 in 5 that are baptized stay in the church here, he put a big emphasis on recent converts to go through the lesson with them again. To keep them active in the gospel.

Hearing this widened my eyes to take a step back and say baptism are great but how are our recent converts doing? Are they attending church? Are they reading the Book of Mormon? How are they really doing? So this week we had 8 baptisms, each candidate was ready and so this week now we are to focus on them to see how they really are doing.

I really never would’ve thought that my mouth would have watered over an African dish but… A stew called Palm butter is what makes my mouth water, meet of choice fish with chicken feet! Chicken feet are soooo sweet!!! The bones are so soft and the tendons are probably the best part!

Elder Titi and I were heading home on Saturday we stopped by to see a woman named Sister Appleton, she is an older lady but we were talking, Titi and I, saying we will stop small small, but I said to him we can take all the time we need, we can stay. Come to find out as we took seat one of her sisters was there and she was asking about tithing and what it is used for and if it goes to pay pastors. We were able to comfort her concerns with teaching her about tithing and fast offerings. What an amazing way the spirt is able to use us even if it’s such a small example. 

I said see you later to elder Titi today…. Was not to happy to see him go, we have bonded really well and have become the best of friends in the short weeks, but today I was able to serve with a new brother named Elder Endosomwan! He is a Nigeria! And I’m very excited to serve with him!

Lots of love!


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