Answers to Prayers

Why hello again my fellow people:)

This week I would most certainly like to start off by telling some stories that have happened in the mission so far that maybe I haven’t told and I think they are pretty neat!

1. While I was in Ghana teaching Ocheria, he was having troubles getting to church because his hurt leg would not allow him to do so, that fast Sunday Elder Kaelin and I fasted for him. During that week we were teaching he told us of a dream that he had. 

In the dream, Elder Kaelin and I were behind him holding his arms as Duncan(a ward member that worked with us) was pulling his leg, he said he was screaming then he heard a pop and he woke up that morning being able to walk on that leg. I can testify to you that God truly does answer our prayers for the things that we will have faith in and trust in him.

2. This week we were teaching sister Cece, that a member referred us to. We’ve taught 2 lessons to her and she has been progressing so well and should be baptized this Saturday. But as we were teaching The Gospel of Jesus Christ a man decided to join- he grabbed a pamphlet and read some out loud, he then said”I like this book, I am taking it. And I will be right back so you can teach me more!” As quoted in D&C 4:4 the field is white, so white here in Liberia that people hop in lessons and love them. His name is George by the way. 

3. A child’s prayer is so amazing…. It comes from the heart and what they really desire. A young boy that was just sitting in on a lesson asked if he could pray and you can’t turn that down, James Daw a seven year old boy prayed as if he was talking to a dear friend, literally brought a tear to my eye, I’ve gone soft out here indeed!

Maybe there is a thought in your head like can it ever get cold in Africa, I would love to share with you how it was cold this week, last week was really cold for you people, I guess it carried over here. Woke up on the day of Wednesday of a gloomy day and you walk outside and you are like oh wow it’s cold my skin is literally cold… It was probably in the high 60’s and we were freezing especially with a breeze. I could compare it almost to a winter morning with a short sleeve shirt on and the back of your arms to the touch is freezing yep… That was for two days:) I was really excited about it. It also rained, I look like puss in boots from shrek with my rain boots! And no I didn’t take a picture I’m sorry! I will when it rains again! Also remember the hopping into a car and the seats are cold? Oh ya that was my desk chair cold!

 This Sunday was conference, in sinkor( or in Liberian English sinkhole) where our mission President, President Carlson and Sister Carlson were back from the states and were able to give such strong talks to us, as did Elder and Sister Stanfill. They are here for mission tour, which will be Tuesday and I will tell you all about it this coming week! 

Any questions, comments, concerns please do email me!:) I would be more than happy to answer back at😉 

 I hope you all have an amazing week and I love you all! Peace from Elder Lords and Elder Titi!


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