New Years

That’s is a bummer for sure! I am today a lot better, I had Malaria so that is super cool!!:) I loved seeing you and everyone so happy! 

1. New Years was spent working of course and then that night spent sweating and dying of sickness! They had some fire works in the village.

2. So we received a phone call from a Brother that said he had a Christmas package for us that he will drop off on Monday and we were to be there around 7 or so and then he said the blue is for Lords and the red for Titi! In them were 2 ties and 3 pairs of socks! 

3. So we live in a literal compound, like with walls around us and barbed wire fence on the top metal gates at the front and on our front door as well. To keep people from hopping the fence to get into the compound and steal things. Two missionaries got robbed a week before I got there. They came in with cutlasses and they took all their stuff…So yeah!

4. One of the requirements is that the apartment has to been in a compound with barbed fences! So high security in a way! 

5. The work is going really well, the teaching is coming a long really fast which is awesome!!

6. The hand is doing a lot better, it’s going to need surgery when I get home I’m sure of it but hey no problem! 

Love your dearest Elder Lords


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