Never ever thought this day would arrive… but holy heavens did it ever, it flew here before I could even see it coming! I flew out on Tuesday to Liberia (for those people that have seen Freetown) the Alma House is in Ghana and I stayed there!!! Crazy!! The flight was 2.5 hours long, stopped in Freetown to grab more people, then we landed in Liberia. The Airport we landed at used to be where U.S.A would land during WWII and the town is called ‘smell no taste’ because chefs would cook  amazing food at the airport and the natives could always smell it but…. they could never taste it. Right when we got off the plane you wash your hands and they take your temperature… so ya!! That is cool!

Transfer was on Wednesday so we stayed the night at the mission home which was right next to the beach!!! It was awesome there!! They enjoy it there! Thursday morning we left to our areas, my area is called Gandnersvile and its somehow away from Monrovia, meaning I’m in the BUSH!!! AGAIN!!!!:) Love it here! I wish I could send photos but I can’t find WiFi at this Internet cafe, so I’ll hunt so I can send! My companions name is Elder Titi, he is from the same MTC as I am!! So that is awesome! A quick story, me and him became friends at the MTC, the day we were leaving, he told me he will meet me in Liberia and he will have a place prepared for me when I arrive, and sure enough!!!!!!! He is from The DR Congo! He speaks French and is learning English which means I’m learning French:) language of love 😉

First day we had 5 lessons, which is normal in ghana, The second day we had 6 with 5 member presents! Then Saturday we had 7 lessons!!!! And 9 contacts!!! 9!!! In one day!!!!!!!! So crazy! The people literally walk up to you and ask about the church!!! The people here are so loving and so amazing!! I love them dearly already, even though I miss Ghana a lot I love my new home!! I get to walk in sand each day:) I’m basically on vacation with a lot of walking and working:) I love it here!

Haha so bye bye to having my clothes washed by someone else…. Today I washed my clothes all by hand like a big boy:) And how rewarding it is to see a white shirt re-white after the wash and you just feel awesome!!! Its amazing! I also love a polished shoe… somehow weird I know but I love it!!

I’m sorry that I don’t have a lot of stories this week, my head is so congested with knowing the area that I forget some of the day and some of the scriptures that we use throughout the day that I really like that we teach!! So ehh… sorry!! But an investigator was concerned about how Joseph Smith was able to see God, but she understood everything but that and how amazing it is to know that Moses in 33:11 he truly saw God and just like Joseph!

We aren’t allowed to shake hands for another week or have F.M.’s which are free meals… because Ebola was discovered in an area, so we have to make sure its safe before we do anything. So we do elbola where we touch elbows, President Carlson came up with this, which is quite funny!! We have to be in by 7…. which is not fun…… but the work continues. We have 8 baptisms this week and like 14 January 2nd.

I love you all and keep being cold for me because I wish I was… 🙂


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