Thanksgiving Report

HELLO My Americans!!

Sorry about the last week!! I was writing the email and guess what happened:) ECG thought it would be kinda funny to shut off the power:) and they did it! So I wasn’t able to send one this last week!!

Each Thursday we go to a town called Anyiam to build a branch there. This town is bigger than Kwabeng, and a lot more people to teach. Our focus has been here to proselyte as much as we can and contact as much as we possibly can!! We were walking down the street and a little girl that I greeted ran up to me and said, “Abruni, when you go to America, can you come back and bring me an American toy.” and with all the love in my heart I told her I am sorry but I will be going to Liberia in 2 weeks so I wont be able to for about 2 years.

An investigator named Edwin that we have been working with quite frequently, was painting his house on Friday, we said hey let us help you with the paint. But typical they say no it is ok… anytime we try to go to farm with members or paint houses we get shut down because we are white…. but its perfectly ok! We get to help them understand the gospel and what it really means!! For Edwin, the 5 gospel principals really hit him deep. He knew baptism was essential but did not know the rest. Faith in Jesus Christ , Repentance, Baptism, Receive the Holy Ghost, and Endure to the end. He loved these 5 principles, however he is moving back to Accra so we wont be able to continue our lessons with him which is a bummer… but the missionaries there can keep teaching him for us!

As the days have continued I have realized my time here is very short… this is my last week in Ghana…. I’m pretty saddened by it because the people here are truly amazing and I love them dearly!! But how excited I am to be able to serve in Liberia!!

We may or may not found fire crackers here…. so if I said we did we mainly use them to get rid of the ant infestation we have going on…. Over a gazilion ants from the jungle made a path to our apartment, and yes we followed that trail all the way to the jungle, they had to be blown up with fire crackers, killed with boiling water and now insecticides!:) The ant problem is quite crazy.

Our recent convert John, his brother died this past two weeks. They had the funeral in Akrofufu where John lives. As a ward we went to the funeral, the funerals are quite different here. A band is playing songs, people are dancing. But it is truly an amazing thing to see how they respect the dead. John told us on this sundaythat how everyone was impressed that the white man was willing to participate in the funeral. How cool I thought this was to be apart of this and people actually noticed.

Missionary work is divine, I am so grateful to be able to serve in Ghana for 3 months, I wouldn’t have changed it. And I’m sorry if there isn’t enough spiritual insights going on in the emails. I try to pick out what I thought was really cool in the week that you wouldn’t hear about in the U.S. like how we were able to watch conference 2 weeks ago!!!! I was so pleased to be able to hear from the prophet and his councilors. I support and sustain the new apostles. This is the only true church on this earth. This is Jesus Christ’s Church, how happy I am to be able to teach everyone I come in contact with this message. How happy I am to tell people that families can be forever, and how the gates of heaven are opened when we are baptized by the correct authority. I love this church, I love the gospel, I love Jesus Christ and I love our Heavenly Father. And how excited I am for the second coming in these last days:)

I love each and everyone of you! Love Elder Lords
P.S Thanksgiving!!!!!! I almost forgot!!!! We went to Abomso to have Thanksgiving dinner with the Binghams and a bunch of members they invited! They made us mashed potatoes and gravy with grilled chicken!! And a ton of desserts that I couldn’t even handle the excitement!!!!
We were supposed to bring a secret item and put it in rubber so no one can see it. And she would unravel them and we would try to guess who’s it was and then we would explain why! I took a tie pin of the Rexburg Idaho Temple that my sweet cousin Shayla gave me! I described it as how thankful I am that we are able to have the Lord’s house on this earth, and how we are able to escape the world for a small time to become closer with our Father in Heaven and to feel of His love. How privileged you are to have a temple so close to you, how privileged I was to have one so close to me! Now its 3 hours away and impossible for us to get to! But how amazing and beautiful the House of The Lord truly is!!
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