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This week started off really shocking, you all may know that our beloved Sister Hill passed away last Monday. On Saturday the whole mission came to Accra to have a memorial service for her. President Hill is so strong, he gave such an amazing pep talk to lift our spirits. The meeting was so sweet, the people that talked, talked about how she was such an amazing mother to each missionary, I noticed that first thing when I got here. First words she said was, “take your doxy and drink plenty of water.” Doxy for you people at home are green pills we take so we do not get malaria:) But she was so sweet to each and every missionary, she was concerned not only with our health but our spiritual well being and how our missionary work was going. We all love you Sister Hill. President Hill will remain until January. Please keep him in your prayers.

Twi lessons! Its not what you think. We teach with members that speak Twi for us! These lessons are awesome because we are able to talk to them in their own language. It also helps them understand the teachings of the gospel better when they hear it in twi rather than english. But its great to be able to put your input in and then our member is able to translate! Kinda feels like we are in a spy movie;)

One of our recent converts is going to the temple in Accra. Man, what an amazing thing for new member to be able to go to the temple. We have been teaching Ocheria plenty about the temple. The temple book that we give out is such an amazing helper! Ocheria is going to be a life long member, his eyes light up when we are talking about the church and the temple! He is amazing.

For birthdays we do proselyte most of the day, but during the evening we go and play baseball to celebrate our brother Elder Keddington! This lasted for about 30 minutes… because I broke the bat (the bat is a pic axe handle) but its awesome when we play games like this, people always watch and we are able to talk with them. Sorry for such a short email this week, we don’t have a lot of time because we spent most of our day at a waterfall as a zone, three birthdays this month so we thought it would be special to do this! The waterfall is so cool and cold but so fun!!

One of Sister Hills favorite lines was ” You can do hard things.” We all can do hard things, you need to put your mind to it, no matter how hard it is you will grow from it.

Alma 26:16



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