“Abruni you didn’t greet me why?”

“Abruni you didn’t greet me why?”

Hello everyone!! That headline you see their is when you are walking to teach a member and you dont notice someone you greet regularly and they catch you…. ha…. ya happens more than you would think! But either way you look at it the people are truly amazing here!

The cabs here are quite an enjoyment, they cram 5 passengers into the car, not including the driver just to get the most money possible. Or on occasion you will ride with two little kids that are probably 3-5 years old going from town to town like they own the place! This was so cool to see, they gave the drive 2ghc to go to Kwabeng from Anunyme! Picture should be added to this email of it. The little dude fell asleep on the ride! It was awesome!

We went to a town called Abomaso where we had Zone Training, and where two of our beloved Idahoans live! Elder and Sister Binghum. I forgot my planner where  i took notes in so i cant really tell you about what was said… But after the Binghums made us spaghetti!! It was amazing!

Two awesome proselyting days! Thursday and Friday, Thursday on our way home we were stopped by a guy asking ” i see you people walking. riding everywhere. Where are you going? and what are you teaching? We were so stoked to tell him that we are teaching about the Restoration of Jesus Christ church in these last days! We are meeting with him this week:) On friday the ward got together to help us four missionarys progress an areas that just got opened a couple months back, so the 20 of us went and contacted for three hours to teach and invite people to come to church this week! It was awesome to meet new people!

This Sunday the primary was in charge of sacrament!! I loved these back at home and i was really excited to see how these went. The same way:) kids scared half to death, eyes bulging, their speech going a thousand miles an hour! And the pause of looking at the congregation and forgetting their scripture but then remembering and saying it! The spirit is so strong in these little kids. Now i can see why Christ exhausted from teaching and healing, stilled beckoned the children to come to him. In 3 Nephi we are commanded to come unto him and repent as children.

The Book Of Mormon is the most true book on this earth, and we need to have a testimony of it, how do we gain this? YOU have to find out for yourself, YOU have to do the reading. I can sit here all day half way across the world and tell you its true but YOU have to find out for yourself!


P.S. you Haven’t lived until you have bananas, pineapple and boafloats for breakfast each morning:) Boafloats are just balled scones!

















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