2 Months Down!!

**It’s official, ladies and gentlemen, Kade has been gone exactly 2 months today.  22 more to go. 🙂 **


“Well hey there people, sorry that this is a day late;) ECG jacked the power most of the day so we had 30 minutes to email on a generator so that is kind cool, I guess? And also you people get pictures because I can get wifi here at the cafe! So woop woop for us!!

This week was actually cool because yesterday we went on a hike in the jungle, yep I said jungle not forest:) I’ll make sure pics are sent of that! But it was awesome, a lot of mining holes, tree’s, spiders and a hill that we had to climb, the pic will show:)

Elder Bednar came to GHANA!!!!!! But…. we weren’t able to see him because we are 3 hours from Accra… and now he is headed to Liberia… and I’m not there either.. so… that is the only bad news this week!

Super glue and shoe polish are the best friends here, super glue fixes the scriptures that have been used quite a lot and other items like a G-Shock watch that is warping… not a good watch people not a good watch. But lets get to shoe polish, there is nothing like a nice shined shoe to start a proselyting day! Makes me kinda happy, in a way:)

In the town Akrofufu, we just got done teaching John, we started to head to an investigators house, her name is Patience, she is a happy giggly Ghanaian. It started to rain a little when we got there, we were kinda forced to leave but then it started to pour… so we knew we had to stay to teach her the Plan of Salvation. Her eyes were opened by the spirit, she understood everything we taught, she even told us when she comes to church she notices the spirit and actually learns rather than dancing and singing… Baptism date is for the end of the month so we are pushing for that! She can do it!

Faith is such a huge topic here, and for me, I want you all to read 2 Nephi 25:29 and to give it thought, ponder and pray about it. I did and I bore my testimony in church in Ghana, I don’t even bare my testimony at home!

Lots of love from Elder lords!!:)

P.S. Fufu is amazing with fish!

P.P.S more to come next week!:)”



















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