Twofer Tuesday

My Fellow Americans!

This weeks letter will be kinda short… I was sick Friday, Saturday and some Sunday, but yes i certainly will tell you about my week in Africa! Who else gets to tell you about a week in Africa?

Twofers are quite the things to get in mission, they involve two baptisms, two LA (less actives) back to church and two recent converts to do family history work and talk with the family consultant. And holy cow we got that this month!!!!! My companion has been on mission for one year and some months and this is his first one! So quite rare to come by in the bush! I went on transfers with the ZL in Abomaso, for the day/night, we contacted from 1PM – 6PM and only taught three lessons, and one was with a 97 year old investigator that is being baptized this week!! So that was awesome, and yes people here see us and they do run into their houses to pretend they are not home! Never thought that would happen! but hey it happens!Thursday morning i had an awesome breakfast that consisted of oats and thick milk with sugar bread that ended up making the throw up that night! Not sure why because it was quite good but a little rich. I was out for the count Friday and Saturday….. But not to worry i got a lot of studying time in, mainly on faith! Even tho i gave my farewell talk on faith, this is something i need to work on a lot! I didnt bring my journal because we are in a different city emailing( anunime) so ill make sure i give the scripture that really struck me next week!!

My time is ending pretty quick so i leave with my testimony, next week i make sure i add what my favorite things here are and what some weird things are as well!! In 1 Nephi 14:10 The lord tells us about the Whore of the earth, in the little town of Rexburg we dont see this “Whore” but in Ghana she is everywhere, churches are here on the sly to gain fame, money and things of the world. What a wonderful church we belong to, the only true church on this earth, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have never thought i would see so many false churches like our young prophet Joseph Smith saw.

I will speak with you next week!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!



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