Baptisms and Pests

My dearest white people.

Let’s start off with a quick apology for not writing last week, I fried from the sun, playing volleyball and just was not in the mood to write that day so… ya…. but that week was great because we were finishing up the lessons with John and Ocheria and preparing for baptism!

You are still wondering about John and Ocheria No? They were both baptized on 10/18/2015! I baptized them both, and you are probably wondering how did a rookie do? It went quite well, John had to be dunked 5 times!!!!! He wouldn’t bend his knees so every time a piece of his body was out of the water! But for Ocheria it was a one and done deal! They both came out smiling and happy as I have ever seen! I gave them a white dress shirt and I told them that the shirt represents that through Jesus Christ, He is able to make our soul as white as wool!!

During some of the nights we wake up to a mouse in the drawer trying to steal some of our creamo-o’s! He has stolen 3 of mine…. so we put a stop to that. Killed that little guy, oh other things that we kill are cockroaches that live in the apartment and termites as well! Elder and Sister Bingham (they live in Twin Falls, Idaho) came to see what we needed replaced. My dresser for one is run over my mice and termites so that has to go, my companions bed broke on him so his mattress is on the ground! We also need our grass cut, so we hired four little kids to come cut our grass with their cutlasses! Kind of a cool sight kids under thirteen using a cutlass to cut the long grass. Then the impression hit me I need a wrestling mat to shadow wrestle… so I’m going to make one:)

We all need to study and pray about the Book of Mormon as much as we can in our lives, we take it for granted back in the U.S. The Ghanaians that can read English absolutely love it!! I’m re-reading it with the student manual in my personal study, I am in second Nephi chapter 12, this is where Isaiah is testifying of the latter-days and the gathering of Israel!

What a great time in our lives, we get to testify of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. My MTC president said as we left, “You are as close to the middle of the earth as you possibly can get, now start from the center and spread the gospel throughout the world!” What a place to start, what a privilege I have to be in Africa to teach these amazing, smiley people about the only true church on this earth, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!

Love you all from Africa Elder Lords!


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