So Much Happening!

So quick thing real fast, I don’t have a lot of time to answer all of your questions or to write the weekly email, but as of tomorrow or even Wednesday I’ll be able too. I have to get to bed, we have a big day with big investigators tomorrow. Ocheria (baptism this week, same with John) Rice Guy (a guy we met at a rice stand and we forget his name a lot), FHE with President Sasu (the guy dad found in the Ensign) and then contacting, and then to check on a less active named Eric; he is a taxi driver and he is awesome!!! So we have plenty of work to do tomorrow and we aren’t sure if our dude at the internet café will be here tomorrow but he will be here Wednesday!

But this is the 2nd time that D&C 88 was said for me to read by Grandpa Lords first and now you, so I guess I need to read it?:)

Tell the fam I love them lots and I miss them a ton!!! Tell those little rascal cousins of mine that I absolutely love them and they made me tear up with smiles reading that email!!!

And I love you a ton mom!!!!!! I am so happy that you and dad have a solid foundation built upon Christ’s church. Here in Ghana I feel like everyone is like J.S. [Joseph Smith] not knowing what church to join because there are so many claiming to be true, but we testify to them that this church is the church that Christ built on this earth.

And how exciting that day is going to be when we get to see Tyson again, because of you two being sealed together for time and eternity we are able to, in a sense, brush past the pains of death a look towards the happy moments of eternity! I love you MOM and DAD!!!!!!!! Tell the fam wassup also, from the bush of Africa!

Transfer news: I’m here for 8 weeks!! So yes, until I go to Liberia!!

I bought some sweet shirts today, and yes we are taking family pics in them!!!!


LOVE ELDER LORDS!!! Till tomorrow or Wednesday!


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