Testimony Building Experiences

Well hello Abruni’s!!!!

This week was quite a week!!!! Not only here, but back in the U.S. we have 3 new apostles as of Saturday! You may be asking, was I able to watch General Conference? You bet your britches I WASN’T!!!! We have to wait until it comes out on DVD to watch.
This week was quite spiritually enlightening for me! I’ll get to that at the end(gotta save best for last) We travel to a town called Akrofufu each Tuesday and Thursday to meet with our investigator, John. John has been prepared by the Lord in so many ways, he understands the teachings, he not only commits to the commitments we give him, he actually does them! He is being baptized in two weeks time, me and my companion are really excited for him!

Washing clothes by hand is quite the tedious process, as you could imagine! It would take us all day to wash if we did it by ourselves… and so have to say we have a member wash our clothes for 10 Ghana cedis, from each of us! But on Tuesday we went to see our Brother Joseph. He was not there, but his wife was. She told us that Joseph was in a wreck and is in the hospital, but we did not need to worry because it was not serious. We then proceeded to teach her about baptism and at the same time help her wash clothes by hand! It was a huge learning experience for me!!!

Sorry for such a short email this week, I fear that the rain will cause a light-out! Meaning EDC shuts off the power at the worst times, so I’ll cut to my personal experience this week: This Sunday, our district leader had a baptism. In out district their is four of us, and we travel from Kwabeng to Anunime(sp?) for service, since they had a baptism, my companion and I had to travel to Anunime. We arrived at a run-down school, with only one member present….. We brought two members with us, so a total of 5 people at church for fast and testimony meeting…. We started to teach gospel essentials and the whole time I was thinking of the nice chapel we were just in and why we were in this run-down school, and that it was hot and it was pouring outside… I was in a thought of selfishness. I was being hard hearted, I noticed this and stopped. I thought of the sacrament and what it represents and what we do each week. The sacrament is the same no matter where you are in the world, not matter the place you are in. The only things that matters is that it is being done by the correct authority and you say the correct prayer. As soon as the Holy Ghost testified these things to me, I bore this testimony to the one member that was in attendance, he might not have understood me but, I knew he could feel the Spirit. What an amazing experience I had this sunday, to have a Sacrament meeting in a run-down school with no AC, no fan and only windows to allow the breeze to come in, and the sound of pouring rain hitting the tin roof. What an amazing day!!

The Lord will help us see what we need to improve in our life, it may not be easy and it may be through a trial, but no matter what we will grow from it!!

P.S. I’m the closest you can be to the center of the earth, what a place to start to teach to all the ends of the earth….


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