Goats on the Roof

Well hello people back in the U.S.!!!!
I have been out for a month in weeks time but month time no:) the days literally fly by! Our day starts off by getting up at 5:30 to go run and play football at the pitch. We get up this early so that we get an elder back into shape, he is currently 280lbs and he is wanting to get down to 240lbs of pure fighting material!
My companions name is Elder Kaelin, he is from the great state of Utah! SLC to be exact. He is such an awesome missionary, he loves the gospel more than anyone that I have ever met, and hopefully one day I can be a lot like him.
We have a baptism scheduled for this coming Sunday, an investigator named John, he is from a town called Akrafufu. For a living, he repairs shoes and has a coco and tangerine farm. Companion and I went and helped him pick coco from the farm the other day, the coco…….. is so awesome!!!! When your crack it open(when ripe) it is all white on the inside, it consists kinda of a slimy substance/seed dilly thing! But you pop that baby into your mouth and your first thought is, why do I have a luggie in my mouth… but you realize that it is very sweet! John is so ready to be a member, he loves the gospel dearly. You can see it in his eyes, he smiles each and every time we come to teach. He calls everyday we schedule to meet him to make sure we are coming!(golden one)
We have a baptism the following week with a man name Ocheria, he is 62. We have taught him the past two weeks, and haven’t really seen a lot of progress, he understood everything but we could tell he wasn’t doing his part( reading, praying, asking if these things are true.) On Wednesday we went to re-teach him the restoration, and as soon as we started, a light kicked on and we could tell that is was the Holy Ghost testifying to him these things are true, he understood every question we asked! He missed church this week, so we have to wait another week for him to be baptized, but he is so ready.
> cockroaches hide in the drawers, they are quick little suckers and there is about a billion of them.
> showers consist of a green bucket of cold water and a plastic cup for convenience, we boil water to make it a luxurious shower;)
> for fun we trap and catch goats and put them on our roof
> we play football at almost every lesson
>rice is your best friend
> you are basically camping:)
I couldn’t be any happier here!! The people are seriously so sweet and so happy about life! And being called abruni(white man) never gets old!
To end this fabulous email I’ll end it with a verse from The Infinite Atonement.
“It is the least understood of all revealed truths.”
The atonement is not just for us white people, it is for everyone to come unto Christ to, have faith in Christ and His atonement, being baptized, receiving the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. We may never completely understand this truth, I know if we strive to walk in Christ’s foot steps we will be able to understand what he has in store for us, not only in this life but the life after this. How great the day of Christ’s coming!!!!!!!
from Qwabeng, Accra

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