More Updates

We got a bit more information from Kade this evening!

He says that his companion is Elder Tyler Kaelin from SLC.

“Haha I speak very little, in mission its [the local dialect and English] kinda hard to understand, but [my] companion is no better than me, but its a work in progress! And my English sucks!! I have to be short on everything. So very hard to love the people [my] comp has taught because I know them [so] little, but its growing!!! It [his apartment] is ugly and dirty and the power goes out all the time!! Like all the time!! I know!!! I want to be perfect!!! haha I know!! But we are never home, we are home only [at] lunch and when we go home [at night]. Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly BOM teaching manuals or so. And just good books to read that are inspiring and gospel like! The book Abi got me, “The Infinite Atonement” is amazing, it has open my eyes like nothing else…A freaking sketchy internet cafe [is where he was emailing from]!! But its not bad! Remember the internet in the early 2000s? Ya that’s what we are rocking! It really is [a blessing to be serving in Africa]!!!! I love it here!!! And [he eats] mainly rice and rice and some more candy they have here at fruit! Tell Jake I can get 2 pineapples for less than 1 US dollar, and its amazing here!!!!!! And corn is called maze here!!! It’s 9:30 here. In 13 min we are headed home to sleep. Then tomorrow I’ll be able to email!! Because my account is not working. Tell everyone “hi”.


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