Proof of Life

It’s Monday, so that means it’s P-Day for our missionary. We’ve been waiting on tenterhooks for an email and finally got confirmation that Kade is, in fact, still alive and kicking over in Africa. His temporary area in Ghana Accra West has been suffering rolling blackouts, so it’s taken awhile for him to contact us. Luckily, it looks like we’ll be getting a good email tomorrow sometime, according to the mission president.

We did get a message from his mission president today that read,

We are delighted to have your son in our Mission. He has a good trainer and they will do well today. Monday’s are our P Days. But sometimes — due to rolling power outages in the country — missionaries may not be able to send an email until power comes back the next day. I just spoke to your son and his companion and they have no power in their town right now. They likely will not have it until tomorrow so look for an email from him then. He is in a small town called Kwabeng with 3 other missionaries (all Americans at this time). A local African dialect called Twi is spoken by many there and he has already learned a few words. They had 4 investigators at church yesterday. He is having fun.

Thanks so much for sharing your son with us. He is terrific, very upbeat, and eager to learn. He is already a great missionary.

We did hear a little something from Kade recently, but we’re still holding out that we’ll get more tomorrow. He emailed his mom to let her know what he’s up to and it sounds awesome!

Hi mom!!! Email is not working!!! Don’t have like any time to write but I should be able to write tomorrow and see if I can work it out. I’m in the Bush of Accra Mission, the town is called Kwabeng, it’s in Akrafufu! I’m in the Bush!!!!!! And my companion is awesome!!!! And same with our district, they are in the same apartment as us! But nevermind, email me back as of right now.


The mission president over in Accra maintains a blog and has a whole post dedicated to the area that Kade is currently serving in. It looks like quite the adventure for our favorite redhead!

Accra Mission
           These are all the new missionaries for the Ghana Accra West Mission as of September.

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