MTC Livin’

“Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like emailing you pics, feels like I’m still there rather than an ocean away!! He’s [Kade’s companion] good but sucks at being on time, repeats everything I just taught; goofy, which is awesome!!!! Makes me smile!

But cliques still exist, which is dumb, we need to all just get along and be friends. The food is mainly rice so I’m totally ok with that! Rice and chicken is the best ever!! And I had peanut butter soup, and it was pretty freaking good. I’m a district leader, so thats cool!

I pray for you guys every night, when you guys are just about in the day!!

You guys are just the best!!! It’s hard to respond to everything when I only have 30 minutes, I’m only able to really email you and dad back since you are my top priority! Tell Cody I’d love to email him back but I have no time!!!

Love you a ton MOM!!!!!

Let me know how things are going at home as well!!!”

Kade’s trying some classic African food, Fufu.

Practicing giving a discussion at the MTC.

Going into an area devotional. We love seeing Kade look so happy!


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