Ghana Temple Visit

Kade had the awesome opportunity to take some family names to the Ghana temple today. Basically a once-in-a-lifetime type experience.

“Just got back from the temple, we left at 6AM today and got back at 3:00 PM, the temple here was really pretty. I sent mom some pics, I’ll send you some here in a few. I have wifi here at the MTC, so I can send photos.

Tell Jake he is more than happy to touch it (banshee), only if it is being upgraded that is.

I pray for your guys safety every day, make sure Katelyn is doing well for me.

My companion sucks at waking up in the morning so I jump on the bed to get him up so we are on time each day; I absolutely hate being late. The MTC feels a lot like JROB, just scheduled time for everything.

YA!!!!!!!! I started cutting the dudes hair and the outlet fried the clippers….. first use….. broken!!! “SAM_0059


Note from the family: We are loving the pictures that we see on Facebook and the pictures that Kade sends us. He seems to be doing really well and loving this new experience. We don’t doubt for one second that he’s already falling in love with Africa, the people, and the Elders in the area. Can’t wait to hear more next week!


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