Teaching Everyone!

This whole greeting is strange, not sure still how I am supposed to do it because here I just say “How’d the body” and it’s finished! But I feel I have to give an extravagant hello? Because I’m in Africa?

But anyways! This week was great, first to start off with our sister Deedhan, was baptized on Saturday and confirmed Sunday! I was pretty pumped!! So Elder Lords, Elder Grant, and Elder Kouakou feel very happy! Sister Deedahn was also very happy! I was able to do the baptism! And this water we did the baptism, let’s say as a famous P.E. Teacher would say “Clear as mud?”

This here we call palm butter soup that I very much enjoy a lot! Our sister Henrietta prepared for us some on Saturday and by far the best Palm I have ever tasted in my life! But they told us that they did not think we ate African dishes, I was a little hurt to hear them say that, and they were very pleased to hear me say that I love Palm, because in bone county where I am, is their favorite soup! And so this Palm I had was amazing, and I will being taught how to make on Monday!!! So I will let you know how this goes with photos of course?

Our brother Ezekiel is doing awesome! We were able to see him quite a bit this week. We taught a lot about The Book of Mormon and the truth of it. We were able to share plenty of scriptures with him on baptism in 3 Nephi 11:31-40. For me I try very very hard to listen to the Spirit in lessons to see if I truly need to teach a lesson or to teach to this person’s needs. He even told us that as we have been coming he has seen the love that we have for him, the caring we have showed to him. On Sunday something really cool happened! So this brother is paralyzed from the waist down and has a hard time getting around anyways but my little persistent self was saying this guys has such a big heart and a love for Christ he needs to come to church. Elder Kouakou and I arose early this morning so that we could travel to his house and get his wheel chair ready and we could walk with him to church, as his brother pushed him to church, and his little nephew came as well and this little dude could walk! It was maybe a 3 mile journey to the church and we made great time! 30 minutes early! And after church a brother that was working here from Washington state, had a pick up that he lived somewhat close to Ezekiel’s house so we asked him for a favor and we were able to put Ezekiel in the back of the truck and take the guy home! It was super cool experience!!

We also met with our Nigerian mommy whom is always so fun to sit with a talk to! She always such inspired questions! She really likes to emphasize on the Restoration and The Book of Mormon! And I just get excited to talk about this! And then she asked how we do baptism and all sorts of scriptures flying through my head, but I had to be an African and ask “Ok what do you think is the correct way to be baptized?” And she laughed and said “Quit being an African and tell me”, so I took her to 3 Nephi as well and she said “Ok wow I truly understand now”, and then I asked the most important question of “Will you be baptized” and….. Shut down…. Because she is willing to follow what the husband says, but plenty of respect to that! But still saddened because she would be an awesome convert!! So we will talk with the husband the first week of May when he comes from Nigeria!

Also, as we were driving I was in the front seat with another guy so the drive was in his own seat I and some dude in the passenger and four in the back! So this guy starts asking about the church and I am literally teaching this guy the Restoration and when I then see a Restoration pamphlet at the window from my companion! So that was straight wingman style there!! I was very impressed!

This area is seriously a lot of fun, a lot of really strong investigators willing to learn of the gospel! Transfer news! I am still here with my son Elder Kouakou and we are still enjoying life!

At least for me, a lot of conference has been talking about the temple, I am very envious of you people being able to attend the temple whenever you please, I literally crave and miss the temple, so please I beg you go to the temple, go to the house of the Lord to learn of him and what he would have you learn. I cannot because their is no temple but most of you can! Enjoy the blessings which come from the temple.

Elder Kouakou and his English is coming small small and but is coming better and better each day! His teaching is becoming better as well! I can see his excitement to learn, the dude is always studying and always asking questions and I am always pointing at random things asking him what is is this, ok now put it into a sentence! And I feel bad because he got a really goofy companion!

But yes everything here is fine! I love Africa and the people! I look very sweet in my African wear yes?


Finger Jam

Let’s get this weekly email started off right with how it’s some how difficult to explain to your companion that he needs to open his door in a fast and orderly manner, but he does not understand what you are saying with pain in your voice, he is confused because we just got in the car, but he did not realize that his fathers fingers were smashed in the door:) so a passer by saw this happened and saved the day, but do not worry, everyone in the car said sorry yea, so the pain immediately left as soon as it came:)

But this week was super fun to see our investigators progress and to see the light in them grow, it is such an amazing sight to see, a lot like watching a little kid learn how to put together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! For one of your sisters named Deedahn, she lives a good trekking distance from us, we taught the Word of Wisdom to her last week, and she was drinking tea every morning, but as we came the following to check up on her, she told us that she has not had tea since we have come last!!! I was so stinking happy! On this day we taught about temples, we showed a video of temples in the gospel library and man, they did an amazing job showing how temples are so much more than meeting houses! She loved it, and I did as well, so much spirit in that little video.

Also, another funny story happened as we were coming back to the apartment, a man stopped us as we were walking and asked what the church was about and we started to explain to him the most important part that it was restored by a prophet Joseph Smith he said thank you and started to leave so I said wait, let me give you this booklet and said I’ll look on the Internet, so I decided to ask him a question that was to me appropriate at the time, “What came first the Internet or the book?” He still would not take it so that was funny!

On Thursday, we had a sweet day planned after our zone training in red light, but each person we called bailed on us, they were busy or the phone did not pick. So we were walking on the beach side area of our area and we said a pick little prayer of help and guidance, as we were walking we saw a group of four people sitting by a house but I did not have the urge to talk with them so we passed by but in our coming back they indeed have the urge to speak with us! We sat down with these four brothers and see started talking and we got on the topic of salvation and one of the brothers was really interested in that topic and so we were like sweet!! We are coming by this week to discuss with you! This will be this Friday!

We were able to travel again to red light for Conference/sacrament! Which was super cool because we had four investigators come! One being our super awesome Aunti named Henrietta! This woman was Muslim before being Christian and now is Christian and has had so many questions and such a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and now she understands the doctrine of the church(basics) and she came to watch Conference!! She absolutely loved it she said!!!!!! So we have a baptism date for her and her two nephews on the 30th! Sister Deedahn was not able to attended which was a bummer but will be being baptized this Saturday! Love this area!

Umm it is still hot and what not? The rainy season is coming so the wells are becoming dry and the water we wash our clothes are uhh not the cleanest but get gets the job done, Nephi still has ticks. Oh I was able to cut my companion hair and Elder Grant’s and his companion’s hair so that was sweet! I am currently enjoying the Book of Mormon right now in my study!

I hope you all enjoyed Conference and still are as I only watched small!!


General Conference

This week was pretty sweet to start off this weekly email! Yesterday, during sacrament we got some awesome news saying that General Conference will be broadcast by satellite transmission at the Benson branch!!! And that it will start by 4PM and it was the morning session. But wow is all I have to say! The last conference I watched was in Ghana on a little TV and we only watched small. But we were able to watch all on a projector! Even though I was sweating the whole time, I loved every second of it, The Relief Society President intro to her talk to me was just powerful, of this little boy that was sick, and how he had to be life flighted to primary children’s hospital, during this ride the mother was able to see all of the temples in the valley, and a thought popped into her head “do you believe it or not?”

I know that I believe it, I know that my family believes it because priesthood power was finally restored upon this earth and that we can do work for our ancestors. My father was able to do one of these ordinance for my brother Tyson that died in 2005 a short year later he was able to do his saving ordinances, so that he could to gain exaltation. The temple is a wonderful place to be.
Ok so this week consisted of me bearing a child in Africa!!!! And I named him Elder Kouakou!! This new companion of mine (6th) is from the Court d Car. And he is a short stocky guy, he reminds me of me! Yep I’m sure of it I love him! He is a French speaking missionary, so his English is small small, but it’s so fun to be able to help him in our language study and such, but one down side is I have to speak slow, none of this Liberian English as I’m speaking to him because he would not hear it. But it’s fun to see how we communicate, he try’s to explain and I feel like I’m playing a guessing game! But do not worry, he is getting so much better in this short time! But he also able to say small during lessons which is great and our investigators are willing to listen to him so that’s awesome!

On the second day I had my son I took him out to our brother Ezekiel, and that was fun because he was able to extend him a baptismal date! So I was just jumping for joy as a proud father would be;) after we taught Ezekiel I left him with the Restoration DVD, and we were speaking with his older sister whom was about to re-do her whole room. So I said sweet we are helping let’s get to work! So we helped her take everything out of this room, then all the cement blocks that hold the bed, then we swept everything, and then after that we laid down a vinyl sheet that pictures tile on it so that’s kinda cool! Then we brought everything inside! And bam service project done!

Each and every day with Elder Kouakou is just a fun one because he kinda sits there in silence as I’m speaking way to fast so that investigators can hear me, then he will testify, and I just want this guy to progress so bad!!!! But he will small small!
We went to brother Coopers and were teaching the Plan of Salvation which was super cool, because his little boy that is 6 years old has been going through all the books we have been giving and asking brother Cooper for help to read as well. During the end of the lesson I asked where will we go after we die? And this little voice in the back said the spirit world, everyone kinda laughed but I was like no this is exactly where we are going this kid knows!!!! I was just so happy to see this little dude actually listening and wanting to learn! So cool to see.
Oh and Elder Grant has a son, and he also gave him a name which was Elder Koudou! And this guy is a funny guy, his English is a little better but no problem he is able to help my son on words which is also really cool to see!

My companion loves what is to me Ghanaian fufu and we found a chop bar that has it!! So we both were pretty excited to chop fufu! And so it was not the best fufu I have had but it was still pretty good, he need more plantain in with the kasavah then it would have been perfect. But it was very sweet to eat:)

Lots of love from Elder Lords whom is not dead:) but has born a child in the wilderness and we will not suffer many afflictions.

New Finding Ideas

Happy Easter to all!(yesterday)
This week was a little bit of a slow week because Elder Grant had some throat issues that limited us in what we wanted to do, but no problem! This week was seriously awesome to be able to work with our brother Cooper whom said he had 13 referrals for us, this guy not only had 13 he had one more! A total of 14 investigators in one area!!! So cool to see members willing to share their family members to us and their family friends. Brother Cooper has daughters on missions and one that returned and lives state side, he has felt the love from the gospel and how he wants to share it with his family! And the road that we go down to his area is called Rafiki drive!! And if you remember whom Rafiki is, he is the creepy Monkey on Lion King!

Real Reason for Easter

This week was a pretty fun week considering we were able to teach and talk to a lot more investigators!
During this time in Africa, we are in the dry season also known as the hottest part of the year, and myself being a ginger, I really don’t like this thing we call “sun” it’s likes to beat me but it’s ok because the sun screen won’t let it;) but anywho, fun fact for the day Elder Grant and I walked 45 miles this week!

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A Heart Begging to Be Full

I feel in a way not sure how to greet you all…. So I will quote 1
Corinthians 16:20;) [All the brethren greet you. Greet ye one another with an holy kiss.]This week was super crazy and super fun! A lot of neatness happened
like……… I was transferred to a new area called Thinker Village with Elder Grant whom eats iron from Arizona! This area we are in is quite massive indeed, two other elders are here but we are to assist them in expanding the area! First off the apartment that we are in is HUGE!!!! The compound is nuts, same with the house itself! Plus the investigators that we have met in such a sort time have been awesome!

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Why hello!

This week was a really busy busy week! First off, the seven week transfer is over! And the news we received on Wednesday was that I was going to Think Village the coming Monday!!! I will be with Elder Grant for three weeks, Elder Grant was from my MTC group as well, the dude is super cool! So we will have fun! And when the three weeks end we are going to split and we both will be training French speaking Elders coming in on the 29th! Oh and we are opening a new area as well. And the apartment we are living in is pretty sweet! Continue reading “Baptisms”